This morning a tv sticker showed Minister for Information asking IGP Punjab for the report of some murder of some Anam taking place in the province of The Punjab and instructing him that the investigations should be all encompassing from all angles. 

What has the Information Minister got to do with a crime taking place in a province or with the provincial IGPs ? Do they come under his ministry? ? Or, does he think that the Provincial Govt. would just sleep on the case and do nothing? Or, isn’t the provincial government capable of taking measures to safe guard the life and property of its people ? Funny!! In any case if at all and AT ALL it had to be it could have been the Interior Minister (in this case the PM himself or the Minister of State of Interior) who could politely and civically ask the Provincial Govt. to keep him in picture also. The IGP of a Province being overlorded by any Federal Minister tantamounts to politicizing the Police which I believe is against the avowed policy of Prime Minister Imran Khan. 


Rawalpindi, September 3.