Recently the Punjab Healthcare Commission sealed 185 quacks’ businesses in different cities in the last week. According to a press release issued here on Sunday, PHC teams took action against quacks in 23 cities, including Lahore, along with the police and district authorities. The teams visited 844 treatment centres and closed down 185 quackery outlets. According to data, 328 quacks had quit quackery. 28 centres were sealed in Sargodha, 11 in Bahawalpur, 27 in Faisalabad, 16 in Rawalpindi and 14 in Pakpattan. 

It is pertinent to mention here that since April 17 this year, pursuant to the Supreme Court orders, the teams of the PHC have visited more than 17,300 treatment centres and closed down 5,400 quackery outlets. Overall, the PHC has closed down over 15,500 quacks’ businesses in the province since July 2015. It is a great step and i hope further they continue their efforts to stop such businesses. 


Kech, September 3.