Pakistan economy has been seized under the large mass of high debts for past few decades. Sadly, the core sectors of the economy are unable to contribute efficiently in Pakitan’s GDP. Particularly, agricultural sector-which is a fertile source of GDP of Pakistan, being agricultural country- contribute lesser than that of other sectors: industrial sector. 

Many economists believe that this inefficiency is because of the unawareness and least training of the skilled labour (farmers). Mostly, the farmers have least interaction with the respective growing technological tools which can help them increase the productivity. Also, they have lack of knowledge to efficiently utilize their resources-i.e., how to get maximum yield per acre by utilizing reasonable resources? 

Surely, once agriculture-sector starts to generate optimum profitability, this additional revenue can be used to increase capital and production in the industrial sector. Hence, considering the diving agriculture-sector of Pakistan, the government must launch awareness campaigns and introduce training programs for farmers, so that they can meet the growing modernize trends in their respective sector. 


Naudero, September 4.