We live in a world where controversies are considered to be one of the best entertainments in life. Where is our sanity? In this fast pace world, the moment a rumor starts the very next moment it is not a rumor any more it becomes the biggest reality of time being. No one questions the credibility, no one looks for the source and, no one bothers to pay heed to the intention behind it and most importantly no one pay attention to the intensity of the rumor; the damage it can cause.

Recently a controversy surfaced when some dead frogs were captured and apparently, they were considered to be the food of people living in Lahore and everyone goes nuts including electronic media, social media, civilians etc. Making fun of it, disrespecting the whole system and then comes the blame game everybody is questioning the role of authority; Punjab Food Authority. Why don’t people take things seriously. Punjab Food Authority is considered to be one of the best organizations working zealously in the respective sector banning sealing substandard business, such things can demoralize them and it is a big question mark on the performance they have shown in previous times. Apart from this people really need to pay attention to credibility of the news. Frogs are used by medical students of Intermediate and matriculation for their practical they might be for that but as per the favorite hobby of people they created a controversy out of it and linked it to the most irrelevant aspect. To everyone who is reading this please take things seriously and before believing things question the credibility of so called realities.