Gulf is burning. Saudi Arabia is fast getting in the grip of serious financial and administrative crisis. Yemen, Syria, Qatar, and God knows how many Islamic countries under fire. And the Force of 41 Islamic countries is watching life and death in utter silence and disgrace!

What is more agonising is the fact the war in Gulf is against no non Muslim country. The conflicts, the aerial skirmishes are Muslims against Muslims. I do not buy this concept one tiny bit that Israel is behind this conspiracy. The vital question is that are we that naive, not to understand our interests? Or we too lost, as Islamic nations, in our personal victories and defeats? Answer is very simple. The world of Islam was never united. It was never one single unit. It is a bunch of rich filthy rich individuals with their massive unbelievable wealth, towers, temples, and palaces made in the west, for the financial benefit of the west, for the tourist industry of the west. When the west will want, with one flick of the pen, they would nationalise all the wealth and leave the Arab world kneeling on the ground begging for mercy. This is not impossible. West is silent as it is not in dire need of funds. Its resources are still higher than their needs. But when the hunger does strike, “our tummy comes first “! It will all evaporate like water bubbles in the air .

The total budget of this coalition could easily, if used for poverty, feed 15 poor Islamic countries. What is the purpose of this coalition? Defence? Defence of what? World of Islam is bleeding and dagger is in the hands of non other than the Muslims themselves!

There is a theory going on that America, Israel and India are behind this massive blood bath. Could be and can not be denied. But then this fact can also not be denied that we offered are heads to be slaughtered in return of petty worldly pleasures. Wines women, beeches, beds, sex, uncouth submission to bodily pleasures. Then why this hue and cry?

Just not conceivable, understandable that a nation, or nations could sell their pride, their dignity, at such painfully low costs.

And even worse, Gen Raheel Sharif, the General of this century, could command a force of 41 Islamic countries and see the world of Islam bleeding and do nothing but watch all this helplessly! Has he got no authority to take independent decisions? Or he is a servant of the “king”?

Speechless! What good those massive financial rewards received in return of being silent. History will remember him for being the bravest. But will also remember him for being the silent spectator of massacre of Muslims by Muslims.

The spirit of Islam has a wounded soul at the moment and we are enjoying our individual perks granted by the Lords. No wonder nations perish as they are blinded by glow and sound of pleasures we received for the services rendered for the priceless massacre of the Muslim!