As once quoted by “Let us not curse the darkness. Let us kindle little lights”

Pakistan, been cursed with dengue since years but are we actually looking upon the ways we can get rid of this? Unfortunately the answer is no, we really need to pay heed to the methods we can fight with it on individualistic level. Now a days dengue is on roll. You will see posters, banners, public service messages all around guiding you how to avoid being infected or how to act when you get infected but very few will guide you on diet. Diet can play an important role in recovery and can also prove to be helpful in maintaining blood platelets count. There are plenty of foods which can fasten up the healing and can be a good source of energy.

Recently I watched a public service message issued by Punjab Food Authority which in my opinion every one need to pay attention. As per experts if you consume vegetables, fruits and fruit juices especially apple, papaya, oranges, lemon, broccoli, pomegranate etc. dengue patient needs lots of fluid also. Such vegetables and fruits can help in the building of white blood platelets which is the most important need of a dengue patient. Foods to avoid are oily food because it can lead to high blood pressure, spicy food as it causes acidity in stomach and non-vegetarian food. Along with maintaining blood platelets count normal blood pressure is also compulsory. Take this curse as curse and along with medical treatment treat yourself with these healing foods yourself and stop blaming authorities for everything.