Rawalpindi-Two armed robbers riding a motorcycle and having guns in their hands intercepted staffer of Daily The Nation Mansoor Ali under the steel bridge at Mandi Morr, where he was waiting for public transport to go to office.

The robbers pointed guns at his head and shouted to hand them over his cell phone. After committing the crime, the robbers escaped from the scene. “I returned from Mardan through a wagon and was waiting for transport under the bridge to reach my office when all of sudden two robbers, one of them covering face with a mask, appeared and made me hostage on gunpoint. They snatched my mobile phone and fled away,” said Mansoor Ali.

Similarly, the notorious gang of four robbers once again came into action by snatching a purse from a woman in Ali Town, the limits of Police Station Saddar Bairooni. According to sources, a woman was heading home near office of Union Council when 4 robbers riding on two motorcycles intercepted her on gunpoint. The robbers snatched her purse containing jewellery, mobile phone and cash and sped away towards Adiala Road. The victim has not reported the occurrence of the crime to police, they said.

On the other hand, the police claimed to have busted an inter-provincial robbers’ gang ‘Aasmi Gang’ involved in crimes in Taxila. The gang members are involved in looting citizens and injuring them over resistance, informed a police spokesman.

According to him, unidentified armed persons had shot injured a citizen Malik Hamza during a robbery in Gulistan Colony in the area of police station Wah Cantt a few days earlier. A case was registered with the police station Saddar Wah. SP Potohar Syed Ali in a briefing told the City Police Officer Faisal Rana that SHO Saddar Wah Malik Sajid arrested an accused Asim, a resident of Attock. The accused is the ringleader of the mentioned gang. The accused had established a gang that used to commit crime in one district and then escaped to the nearby districts. The gang was so brutal that they did not shy away of shooting and injuring people in case they faced any resistance. SP Potohar told that other members of the gang Zohaib, Shoaib and Muzammil have been identified and teams are working for their arrest.

The CPO, Faisal Rana commended SP Potohar and his team for tracing the gang and arresting its leader and said that those who looted the innocent citizens and injured them by firing are the enemies of the social peace and they must get due punishment under the law.

The CPO said that, members of such gangs belong to different districts and commit crimes after getting information from each other’s district. These inter-provincial gangs do not operate without facilitators, police must arrest other members as well as the facilitators of the gang and all the criminal activities of the gang must be traced, the CPO instructed the police. The CPO said that the property looted by the gang must be recovered and returned to the owners after due process of law.