ON Friday stern warnings were delivered to militants in Swat and FATA by both the political and military leadership. A high level meeting held at the Presidency reiterated the government's resolve not to compromise on enforcing the writ of the state or allow the militants to establish a parallel authority in any part of the country. Setting aside the reservations recently expressed by the US and European countries about the army's role, Gen Ashfaq Kayani made it clear that the armed forces were determined to achieve victory against terrorism and militancy "at all costs." He also said the army will not allow the militants to dictate terms to the government or impose their way of life on the civil society of Pakistan. Meanwhile an all parties conference convened at Peshawar by the ANP-led NWFP government urged the Swat Taliban to lay down arms. It also called on the government to implement the Nizam-e-Adl Regulation and demanded an end to drone attacks by the US. Sensing that resentment was growing in the country against them Taliban started pulling out of Buner. There were reports however that they still maintained presence in the surrounding mountains. The rude shock administered by the Taliban leadership's denunciation of democracy and the dispatch of armed militants to adjoining areas has created a sense of emergency among the mainstream parties. Things have suddenly started moving fast. The parliamentary committee on national security has submitted its recommendations. JUI-F chief Maulana Fazlur Rehman wants the cabinet to implement the recommendations without wasting time. PM Gilani however would like to have a wider national consensus for which he has suggested a debate on the report in the National Assembly before formulating a national policy on security. A desire for national consensus combined with an urge to speed up things was visible during Mian Nawaz Sharif's press conference on Friday also. Rejecting attempts at Talibanisation and condemning Taliban's tendency to dictate things at gunpoint, the PML-N chief called on the government to convene a national conference of all political parties to resolve issues like militancy in Swat, FATA and Balochistan. What is more, he wanted the meeting to be held within the next three days. Many would agree with Mian Nawaz that the challenge the nation faces is so grave and complex that no single political party can deal with it alone. Whatever action is to be taken in the days to come has to be owned and fully supported by the entire nation. This requires convening of an APC to forge a national consensus, which should then be endorsed by the Parliament. Equally important is for the PML-N to join the ruling coalition so that the jointly agreed policy is implemented by a prestigious national government.