THE sight of a male lion rearing onto its back legs would leave most people quaking with fear. But playing with the friendly beast is all part of a days work for animal lover Ana Julia Torres. In this amazing picture she shares a loving embrace with an African lion, which was rescued from a life of abuse. Torres, 47, has an extraordinary relationship with the big cat, called Jupiter, whom she fed and nursed back to health after saving him from a travelling circus ten years ago. The affectionate beast is one of 680 neglected animals she cares for at her shelter in Cali, Columbia. Torres, who works as a teacher, founded the Villa Lorena shelter for injured and mistreated animals 16 years ago. Since then she has been adopting and helping animals in need, including some that have been dismembered by hunters. Creatures at the shelter include peacocks, flamingos, monkeys and elephants. Torres relies on donations and her modest teachers salary to run the shelter, which is in a poor district of the southern city of Cali. Daily Mail