DUBAI - The ICC has, through its chief executive Haroon Lorgat, reassured Pakistan's federal sports minister Pir Aftab Hussain Shah Jilani that the world body fully understood "the disappointment felt by fans, players and officials" on being cut out of the World Cup 2011, and that the ICC would "do everything possible to support the PCB". The meeting between the ICC chief executive and Mr Jilani took place here at the ICC offices Thursday, with the purpose of discussing "the future of Pakistan cricket within the context of the ICC Board decision that, given the current security situation, the country should not host matches in the ICC Cricket World Cup 2011". But in what seems to be rather strange, the PCB chairman Ijaz Butt was kept out of it when he was available a mere stone's throw away at the Dubai Sports City's head offices. The ICC, in a press release issued two days after the event, quotes Mr Jilani as saying: "I am confident the ICC is committed to the future success of Pakistan cricket". Mr Jilani, said the press release, had come to the ICC headquarters "to express his disappointment at the decision and to pass on the concerns of the Pakistan people and their government at this difficult time for cricket in that country". "We had a very fruitful and amicable meeting, Mr Jilani is reported to have said. "We did not agree on every point but I am confident the ICC is committed to making sure international cricket will flourish again in Pakistan. Mr Lorgat has explained the decision-making process to me and the reasons why that decision was taken. "The ICC is a very important body and cricket cannot be revived in Pakistan without it so I am very happy that Mr Lorgat is determined to make sure the game survives and thrives in our country. "Having spoken to Mr Lorgat I now know the ICC will not let Pakistan cricket fall back during this difficult time," he said. For his part, Mr Lorgat added: "We all fully understand how disappointing it is for cricket fans, players and administrators in Pakistan. The decision was not taken lightly or hastily. "The important thing for us now is to work out how we can prevent the game from suffering more than it has to. Every ICC Member agrees that Pakistan is an important part of the international cricket family and we are searching for ways to protect the future of the game there. "We want teams to return to play cricket in Pakistan as soon as possible and we are willing to assist the PCB to prepare for that time. Unfortunately, the security situation is not something we control and nor is it something that is the fault of the PCB. "Our number-one priority is to deliver a safe, secure and successful event and the uncertainty created by events within Pakistan created a huge question mark over our ability to do that," said Lorgat.