Govt on Sunday launched a new offensive against Taliban militants in Dir, after coming under heavy US pressure to halt advancing extremists and jolting a shaky peace deal. The February accord to put three million people under sharia law was billed as the end of a nearly two-year brutal Taliban insurgency that ripped apart the pristine ski resort of Swat but was followed by further Taliban encroachments. "Enough is enough. We have decided to flush them out," interior ministry chief Rehman Malik told media. "The peace accord was linked to peace. When there is no peace, there is no use for that accord," Malik said. "I appeal to the Taliban to lay down their arms. There is no other option for them," he said. The military said Frontier Corps paramilitary launched an operation against the Taliban in Lower Dir, one of the districts of Malakand covered by the sharia law deal, after militants killed a soldier in a deadly ambush.