ISLAMABAD (APP) - Prime Minister Yousaf Raza Gilani has said the government is concerned about ensuring intellectual property rights in the society because they stimulate innovations and creativity. Intellectual property rights are everyones responsibility as counterfeit goods negatively affect the society, the Prime Minister said in his message on Intellectual Property Rights Day on April 26. The Prime Minister called upon public and private functionaries, print and electronic media and IPO-Pakistan to focus their strategies and efforts for public education and awareness and true information dissemination. He stressed for the need for detection of counterfeit products and cooperation with the enforcement agencies in the fight against unfair trade practices to ensure access to legitimate stuff. It is a means of consumer protection, transfer of technology, investment and hence economic development. Failure to protect intellectual property rights serious stifle innovation and creation and hamper economic growth and investment, he said. Gilani said intellectual property has added a fresh dimension to the corporate economies of the world, adding the phenomenon was being recognized as a power tool utilization of intangible assets like knowledge, information, creativity and innovation, which are rapidly sharing the management focus with tangible assets, as the driving, forces of economic growth. He mentioned the economic development achieved by some countries in the 1990s, here rapid knowledge creation including the emergence of new technologies resulted in policy changes regarding intellectual property and adoption of new intellectual asset management policies which reinforced this growth. These encouraging models of development strongly suggest that a healthy Intellectual Property system is a key in attracting direct foreign investment, he said. He said weak intellectual property rights protection makes it nearly impossible for artists, inventors and creators to have rights over the use of their creations.