ISLAMABAD (APP) - Director General Intellectual Property Organization of Pakistan (IPO-Pakistan), Khalid Mahmood Bukhari has urged the govt to provide it an enforcement arm to combat prevailing high level of piracy in the country. Pakistan ranks among the top ten countries where IPRs are violated the most and each year its economy suffers about Rs 12.5 billion in lost taxes from piracy and counterfeiting, he said in a televi3ion programme. The present courts lack expertise in deciding intellectual property related disputes, he said on the eve of World Intellectual Property Rights Day falling on April 26. Khalid Bukhari demanded that government should create special IP tribunals which should be headed by renowned intellectual property lawyers. If appropriate steps are not taken immediately the country could further climb the piracy and counterfeiting graph, he opined. Speaking in the same programme Zulfiqar Khan, a leading intellectual property attorney suggested that IPO should use its energies to take stock of Pakistans intellectual property strengths than highlighting countrys weaknesses. He pointed out that in fact according to the United States own statistics given in 2009 International Intellectual Property Alliances (IIPA) review the losses in Pakistan incurred to US publishers have fallen down from $143 million in 2007 to merely $77m in 2008. He also brought to record that the US business software losses are only at some $77m in Pakistan, which exceed a billion dollar in India. He was also of the view that Pakistans IP strength rests in agriculture, folklore, traditional knowledge and geographical indications sectors, on which no law making has been done in Pakistan. He suggested that IPO rather than deliberating on employing IP attorneys in the proposed IP tribunals should gain from available expertise of such attorneys by involving them in IPOs Policy Advisory Board.