LAHORE - Former chief minister Punjab Chaudhry Pervaiz Elahi has said that Pakistan is passing through a very critical phase as it faces a plethora of challenges. If we are unable to identify the challenges, dangers are looming around to encircle Pakistan. He also categorised Nizam-i-Adl (NAR) as a recipe for peace. Talking to Waqt News, Pervaiz pointed out that the biggest issue for Pakistan was to maintain the status of a nuclear power because its protection was essential in the prevailing circumstances. Had we not been a nuclear state then we would have been living as a Indian satellite just like the Bhutan, he remarked. He opined that Pakistan was a target of Indian, Afghan and the American conspiracies aimed at destabilising Pakistan. Referring to the recent statement by the Israeli foreign minister that described Pakistan as the single largest threat he said it was because of such irresponsible notions that the foreign conspirators were now surrounding the country, as they wanted a weak and unstable Pakistan. He also criticised Kerry-Lugar Bill for containing the condition that in case of any terror attack in India, Pakistan would have to clarify its position. Moreover, the US could also investigate authorities guarding the nuclear programme of the country. It is the grand programme against Pakistan, he added. He claimed that Pakistan was fighting an American war. He was of the view that Pakistan should not accept the foreign aid endangering the national sovereignty and security. He pointed to India for instigating violence in Balochistan and alleged that RAW after establishing itself in Afghanistan had attacked Pakistani security forces. He said without resolving Kashmir dispute no peace was possible in the region. He was of the view that all Islamic countries presumed Pakistan as a fortress of Islam, therefore, Pakistan had to maintain cordial relations with the Islamic world, especially Saudi Arabia and Iran. He said Mian Nawaz Sharif was riding an American horse and now could not even hear the sound of drone strikes, as he was only concerned with ruling Punjab. People must now be able to see the true face of 'N leadership, he added. Pervaiz praised Nizam-e-Adl Regulation (NAR) as the best strategy to ensure law and order not only in Swat but also all over the country and said all political parties had handed support to the initiative. Talking about Sufi Muhammads statement that only the black turbaned are the Muslims, he said such unwanted statements would incite sectarianism in the region. He said religious leaders must develop consensus as the way they are presenting Islam, people across the country are forced to remain in their home because of sheer panic. He said all the political parties participated in the 2002 elections resulting in MMA government in NWFP, while in Balochistan PML-Q had an alliance with MMA. In Sindh too, there was a coalition government with support of MQM. Hence, that was the way the government and opposition completed the tenure, he added. He said after the 2002 elections the county had a formal government and the development and job opportunities that the people experienced, were an example in Pakistans history. Talking about his relationship with Sharif brothers, he said it was Nawaz who signed the 10-year agreement in darkness and left for 'Saroor Palace with any consultation. It was his own fault. No one has anything to do with it, he remarked, adding, We had organised the local government elections just to keep the PML intact. He said historically speaking Nawaz Sharif entered politics with a uniformed man. Nawaz was the sole chief minister who brought President Zia in uniform to address the provincial assembly and it had happened in Punjab only, he added. He held the present government responsible for present precarious situation and said they must sit together to formulate some principles, although it did not happened in the past. But Nawaz Sharif has a lust for power. He forced PML-Q members to part ways with the party. They talk about mandate and democracy but do not bother to practice the same, he maintained. He lamented Sharif brothers for first inviting for discussion and then issuing statements to seek apology. It was just irresponsible. He ruled out any chances to talk with PML-N because of the horse-trading. We will enter into discussion only after they return our MPAs back. It was a unanimous decision of our general council to remain independent and sit on the opposition benches, he said. He maintained that PML-Q wanted to work together with all other parties. He said PPP being both in the centre and province was responsible for Balochistan and must devise strategy to tackle the issue. Talking about the PML-Q, he claimed that both Ch Shujaat and he himself decided matters after due consultation. Pervaiz stressed the need of mutual collaboration between all political forces for the sake of Pakistan.