LAHORE - Chairman Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf Imran Khan has reiterated his commitment to visit Karachi on May 3, saying that no person or a group could deport him. He was addressing a press conference here on Saturday. A former judge, Justice (r) Rao Iqbal announced to join PTI on the occasion. To a question about his visit to Karachi, Imran Khan said he has been barred three times from visiting the city but this time he would definitely go there. No law deprives me from visiting Karachi. The courts are free now and a soft revolution has already taken place in Pakistan, he said, adding, the Sindh government and its allies would be responsible for any illegal act. To a question about the proposed National Conference, he said all the stakeholders including the groups of Taliban in Pakistan should also be invited to the conference. To another question about the Nizam-e-Adal regulation and tension in tribal areas and Balochistan, he said the main reason behind the prevailing insurgency was the injustice done to the people living in these areas. He said sending troops to Waziristan to capture a few hundred militants was a great injustice done to the local people. The same mistake was repeated in case of Swat and Balochistan. Presence of troops created tension between the security forces and the local people, he stated. The PTI Chief said the use of force should be the last option for the solution of issues and they could be better solved through dialogue. He said the demand of military action against local tribesmen is raised by the elements responsible for Lal Masjid killing. He said all the efforts made by Chaudhry Shujaat Hussain and Mushahid Hussain to solve the Balochistan and Lal Masjid issues were halted after force was used in these areas. A conspiracy is being hatched to create tension among the people of Pakistan for weakening the federation, he said. Provision of justice to the masses and good governance are the only solution to solve the existing problems, he added. He said there was clear indication of involvement of foreign hands in the prevailing tension in tribal areas. Advisor to PM Rehman Malik has himself stated that India is responsible for the existing problems in turbulent areas, he said. He said the NRO tainted rulers were safeguarding the interests of the west.