In Pakistan, whenever a person dies in the line of duty, our government sends a crossed cheque of a considerable amount to his widow. The amount varies according to the status of the deceased. Now as soon as his widow gets the cheque, the poor woman is in a quandary to get it encashed and usually has to go through lengthy paper work and the hassle of opening an account and writing a cheque to finally withdraw the amount she immediately needs. Money brings relatives and friends she has never seen in her lifetime who stay over to condole, and have free meals, as long as they want. By the time they go, the poor widow has spent a considerable bit of her money on things she should not be wasting her money on. I suggest that instead of giving money to the widow, the government should give her a free house and a pension equivalent to the salary of her husband. Also, the government must ensure that her children get proper education and after they are finished with their education, they are employed in the service their father was working for. This way the poor widow does not have to worry about the problems mentioned above. -COL (Retd) R.M. AKHTAR, Lahore, April 20.