Sindh Chief Minister Syed Qaim Ali Shahs claim on the floor of the House that the law and order situation in the province is stable was exposed the very next day when Sindh Assembly expressed concern over lawlessness the province. The assembly unanimously carried a motion moved by the PPP member Anwar Khan Maher which was referred to the standing committee of Home Department to submit recommendation in the House in next session. The chief minister after delivering a time and energy sapping two hours marathon and comprehensive speech regarding governments one year achievements and performance, but his advisors may have felt that the speech was not enough, advised the chief minister to hold a long press conference. Though his media advisors had written 23 pages speech which was also printed in the souvenir but neither the statement nor the souvenir was given to the media as a result, the chief minister could not get due coverage in the print media. After he had delivered speech, some of the members of his kitchen cabinet became non serious and suggested funny proposals to the speaker to fix half and hour time daily to debate and discus the speech of chief minister in the house as it is done in the parliament where the members discuss presidential speech. The chief minister claimed that street crime in the city of Karachi had decreased. In support of his claim he said cell phone snatching in the city had decreased by 60 percent and car snatching by 20 percent. Surprisingly a day after his speech, pillion riding was banned in Karachi on the plea of increasing street crime. Increasing incidents of kidnapping for ransom was also echoed in the house on Friday. In his speech the Chief Minister emphasised on health sector however, on Friday, the Sindh Health Minister, on the floor of the house said that the performance of civil and taluka hospitals in the province could not be improved until the culture of transfers and postings on political grounds was not done away with. He asserted that if the transfers and postings of medical superintendents were made on the basis of political recommendations, then why the MS should be questioned regarding the poor conditions and services in hospitals. The minister informed that house that in all 23 districts, none of the EDOs fulfilled the criteria of holding the post, as other than one officer, all other EDOs were from below grade 20, which is the grade of the EDOs post. He asked the legislators let us be bold and take an initiative to pledge not to make recommendations for postings of EDOs and MSs in hospitals, in the interest of the common man. Political analysts failed to comprehend as to why the arrangements had been to highlight the one year of Sindh government, when the situation remained the same as it was a year back. They questioned the need for such fanfare of printing the souvenir and the speech which have cost the exchequer a big amount. They are of the opinion that good governance would result only when there is governance as the situation stand today, there is hardly any governance. Even the federal government had not made such arrangements to blow its own trumpets so what was the need for Sindh government to spend huge amount on the printing of expensive souvenir. People in the province especially in the interior are protesting on the roads for resolution of their problems, prices of essential commodities, which could be controlled through executive measures, remained on the rise. Similarly, the Sindh assembly remained in session for nine days but did not carry legislation benefiting the poor masses. PPP member Nadeem Bhutto made hue and cry in the House over the encroachment on government lands worth billions of rupees. As man as 20 illegal Goths have been constructed with the connivance of revenue official on these lands. However, revenue minister announced suspension of Mukhtiarkar of Gadap Town and assured the house that action will be taken. However, the same mukhtiar was reinstated a day after his suspension.