LAHORE - Punjab Governor Salmaan Taseer has emphasized the need to create political consensus in a given frame work to combat terrorism. Talking to 54-participants of Command & Staff College training course here at Governors House, Salmaan Taseer said all the political parties having broad spectrum of opinions should work together for survival of Pakistan. The Governor said the shape of a state, which Taliban have in their mind was contrary to the state of Pakistan which was envisaged by the founder of Pakistan Quaid-e-Azam Mohammad Au Jinnah. He dispelled the impression disseminated by the western media that Pakistan is on the verge of disintegration and the Pakistani society is vulnerable to the extent of fragility. Those who compare Pakistan with the Banana States, they are making wrong comparison. He expressed full confidence upon the talented people of Pakistan who are second to none in the world as for as commitment to their homeland is concerned. Pakistani society is a resilient society, which would over come the challenges of militancy and extremism, he added. Governor Salmaan Taseer apprised the visiting Army Officers of political and economic developments and current global situation, which Pakistan has to confront. The Governor lauded Pakistan Armys stance to keep itself away from the political process. Appreciating the statement of General Ashfaq Pervaiz Kiyani, Chief of the Army Staff, regarding firm resolve and capability of Pakistan Army to eliminate insurgency in FATA and NWFP after the meeting of Operation Commanders, the Governor hoped that it would help remove apprehensions of those speculating a state collapse in Pakistan. He posed full confidence on the Armed Forces of Pakistan and said whole the nation should acknowledge the sacrifices made by the Pakistan Army during the war against terror. The Governor termed the Taliban as enemies of Pakistan and emphasize that this cancer should be rooted out before it assumes the state of metamorphosis. It was inevitable to have a strong government in Pakistan to do this job. The people of Pakistan are peace-loving people having progressive mindset and they prefer to live peaceful life abiding by the high values of Islam, which comprise tolerance for others who may differ from our ideas. The people of Pakistan cannot accept anarchy in the name of Tribal Culture, the Governor added. Expressing his satisfaction over the present economic situation of Pakistan, Governor Salmaan Taseer welcomed six billion dollars financial aid from the Friends of Democratic Pakistan and said that this cooperation was materialize because of the revival of democracy in Pakistan. He explained that one year back, the economy of Pakistan was suffering from haemonhage of 1.5 billion dollars a month in the external reserves due to persistent increase in the prices of crude oil in the international market. Pakistan was badly stricken by this situation as our 60 percent imports consist of crude oil and its products. The economy of Pakistan has stabilized with the stability in the international prices of crude oil, he added. The Governor blamed the Pakistani media to create un-necessary phobia against every government. Making a comparison with the Indian media, the Governor said India has very good image despite more complicated problems particularly Muslims in India are extremely poverty stricken. Pakistan is much better as regards infrastructure, the Governor claimed.