After the completion of motorway, the attention of the NHA is no longer towards the poor G T Road. While traveling from Rawalpindi to Lahore via GT Road, one gets to observe the fact that the condition of the road at many places is pathetic. Travelling by public transport on it is inviting death. Accidents of all sorts take place every day due to the developmental work being done which has been going on for almost two years now. Deep holes are dug at many places and left like dragnets to trap a hapless vehicle. Patches of road near Muridke, Kamoke and Sohawa on the G T Road are so bad that accidents take place every other day. Many trucks, cars and other vehicles slip in these 'developmental' holes and passengers pay with their lives for 'development'. Does the NHA lack funds? Heavy toll taxes are charged from travelers and one is at a loss why should they have any paucity of funds? I request President Zardari to please look into the matter and take remedial measures. -MUHAMMAD NAJIB UR REHMAN, Sohawa, District Jhelum, via e-mail, April 8.