UNITED NATIONS (AFP) - The United Nations slapped sanctions on three North Korean firms accused of backing missile development, in its first concrete action against Pyongyang over its April 5 rocket launch. A committee agreed on the sanctions after the Security Council condemned North Korea for its launch - a statement that had so incensed the communist state that it stormed out of a six-nation denuclearisation agreement. The move bans transactions and calls on UN member-states to freeze the assets of two defensive companies - Korea Mining Development Trading Corporation and Korea Ryonbong General Corporation - along with the Tanchon Commercial Bank. Turkish Ambassador Baki Ilkin, who heads the sanctions committee, said the nations also updated a list of items whose transactions are import and export to and from North Korea are forbidden. The update includes some of the latest technologies relevant to ballistic missile programs, Ilkin told reporters. Pak Tok-Hun, North Koreas deputy permanent representative to the United Nations, denounced the new measures as a wanton violation of the UN charter. It is the inalienable right of every nation and country to make peaceful use of outer space, Pak said. Thats why we totally reject and do not recognize any sorts of decision which has been made or will be made in the Security Council.