TANK The office-bearers of the PPP have strongly protested the indifferent attitude of local party leaders, who according to them, were boldly violating party discipline and regulations. They demanded of the party high command to take note of the prevailing situation and bring the people behind the helm of affairs to the net of accountability. In a joint statement, the District General Secretary of PPP Ashiq Hussain Baloch, City President Sadaqat Durrani and Press Secretary Nasir Baloch blamed the local PPP leadership for ignoring senior party workers while making decisions regarding certain party matters. The office-bearers complained that the district chapter had completely been hijacked by sycophants including some influential outsiders. They deplored that not only such elements were enjoying favours of local leadership rather they were becoming a part to decision-making process in various matters just to serve their own vested interests. The party workers in their statement also criticised the district leaders of the party for not taking the workers into confidence while making decisions regarding appointments.