We observe that each government department places a portrait of our beloved Quaid-i-Azam right over the head of the executive of department and a national flag on the table. Some show more admiration by displaying his saying Unity, Faith and Discipline on wall. Indeed, he was a great leader who led the Muslims of subcontinent enthusiastically. In return of his commendable achievement, government as well as general public pay tributes to his esteemed personality in quite different manners. Our state owned printing press issues the postage envelops and stamps of different values having the printed picture of Father of the Nation. But, when these stamps become useless after fulfilling their purpose of correspondence, they are dust binned. Ministerial staff of office takes not even a rough notice while pushing these revered stamps into wastage. One can well estimate the ultimate fate of these honoured printings, lying in the dust bin. It is against the dignity of supreme leader of subcontinent as well as an act of immorality. It is matter of grave concern especially for government entities where postage stamps are being used frequently. Government never took notice of this kind of mental depravity. I, therefore, being a Government employee, requests humbly that authorities should issued strict direction to its staff to backup these royal prints in original instead of trashing out after receiving the mail. This is another way of paying tribute to the Father of the Nation. ABID RAZA, Sahiwal, April 24.