While 'Rozi is still fresh in our minds, 'Half Plate still leaves us in bursts of laughter. 'Eid Train is still watched on YouTube with about 40,000 views. 'Loose Talk is a story of the just recent past. Think of comedy and you automatically think of Moin Akhtar, a legend, good human being and a true patriotic Pakistani, who made us laugh for more than 40 years. He was a man of great talent. He made us laugh even when our country was falling apart around us. He always made us see the silver lining in the dark cloud. He brought smiles to numerous faces and for that alone I pray Allah grants him the highest of heavens. He leaves behind his family and numerous fans and a huge void in our television industry. He will always be remembered. He gave me a big reason to be a proud Pakistani. I request the government of Pakistan to issue postal stamps with his name and picture, start some fund for artists and particularly Moin Akhtar Talent Academy as a tribute to the late soul. May Allah Almighty rest his soul in peace. Ameen. WAQAS KHAN MAHSUD, Karachi, April 24.