COAS general Kayani reviewed the passing out parade at PMA Kakul on 23rd April. He also administered the oath from passing out cadets and urged them to stay away from politics. This was an event which must be appreciated.But may I say that it is not the cadets or the subalterns or captains who bring a change in govt by toppling them by way of coup-dtats. It is the generals who after putting in more than three decades of service, indulge in such adventures. The reason being that our memories fade away and we do not remain cognizant of the fact. Therefore there is a need to keep reminding the officers class especially the generals to keep away from politics.And the best thing to do is to hold durbars by various commanders in the chain of command to read out the oath loud and clear on 14th of August or 23rd of March each year. SALMAN BABAR,Lahore, April 24.