OUR STAFF REPORTER LAHORE The airconditioners manufacturers have warned the government to shift their units to Bangladesh or Sri Lanka if the energy crisis is not resolved immediately, as presently the people have started to resale their home ACs due to unavailability of electricity. These views were expressed by FPCCI Zonal Standing Committee on Electrical, Electronics and Mechanical Chairman and Executive Director of the Cool Industries Pervez A Butt here at Press Club on Monday. Talking to the media he said that severe energy situation is discouraging the business community and a large number of textile industrial units have already been shifted to Bangladesh while many others were planning to fly. He urged the government to take notice of the scenario immediately and take relief measures otherwise situation would be out of hands. He also demanded strict action against the responsible elements for causing loss of billion rupees to the electricity users. He said that politician were busy in play blame-game instead of focusing their attention towards the betterment of the masses who are looking at them for some relief. Mr Butt said that electricity and gas load shedding have already paralyzed the industrial sector. Industrialists are unable to fulfill their exporters and their foreign buyers are making way to the other countries. He said that thousands industrial units have closed down their operations left millions industrial workers unemployed but instead of taking some relief measures, government departments creating more hurdles. He said that the indifferent attitude of PEPCO authorities towards the industrial sector has pushed it to the wall and a large number of industrialists had already closed down their businesses. He said that government would have to take measures to ensure uninterrupted electricity supply to the industry as the recent energy crisis has left hundreds of industrialist with no option but to close down their industrial units and if some relief package was not announced it would not be able for the economy to get back on rails. He also appealed to the Prime Minister Yousaf Raza Gillani to issue necessary directions to ensure uninterrupted power supply to the industrial units in the province. He said that govt should improve our energy mix, reduce dependence on oil, save country from oil shocks and reduce environmental degradation. Oil import bill is projected to increase threefold in a decade leaving government with no funds to spend on social sector uplift, he warned. Inefficient state-run corporations are wasting up to 500 billion annually while billions are spent due to political consideration but development of alternate energy has remained a lowest priority, said Thirty-seven per cent Pakistanis have no grid connectivity while only 20 per cent have access to natural gas. Alternate energy is the only hope for around 15000 villages in that cannot be connected to the power system in the next two decades, he said. He urged the government to launch an investigation against the official of NEPRA responsible for befooling the people by making wrong power tariff that caused heavy burden on the industrial and domestic users of electricity. Mr Butt said that industrial power tariff is 9 cent per unit in India while Pakistani industrial users purchasing electricity on the higher price of 13 cent per unit. He said that markup rates were also too high when are compared with any of the developed economies, he added. He said that markup rate in US is 0.25 per cent, in UK 1.5 per cent, in Canada 1.5 per cent, in Australia 4.25 per cent, in Japan 0.1 per cent, in China 5.58 per cent, in India 5.5 per cent and in Bangladesh 7.61 per cent. Meanwhile Anjumen-e-Tajiran Lahore has decided to launch a series of protests against massive scheduled and unscheduled power outages and on the first leg of protests, the traders of the all markets of Lahore will protest at Neela Gunbad on April 27. Anjumen-e-Tajiran Ferozepure Road Board president Mehboob Sarki said shopkeepers of all markets would take to the streets against loadshedding on daily basis at 4pm. He said that bad law & order situation and high input cost had already destroyed the business and industrial sector while the unprecedented loadshedding is adding fuel to fire.