LAHORE- PML-Q spokesman on Monday claimed that The Punjab Advocate General is presenting fabricated information to the Supreme Court, based on mala fide intention in the Bank of Punjab BOP case at the behest of others. The spokesman alleged on Monday that the Punjab Advocate General was trying to misleading the apex court at the behest of his pay masters the (Sharif brothers). He added that neither Parvaiz Elahi nor any of his family members have ever operated any account or done business with the Bank of Punjab, and the accusation of siphoning money is part of the PML-N League campaign to malign the reputation of its biggest political opponents. He further claimed that there is nothing against Parvaiz Elahi in the 5000-page report. According to the press statement, the Punjab Advocate General during the BOP loan case hearing in the SC had not only misconstrued facts but had also willfully furnished the SC with figures that were nowhere to be found in the investigation report.