According to a news item, the 500 page report prepared by the investigation team and presented before the Supreme Court sought four weeks to probe into the lawyers scandal that accuses Babar Awan and a few other top lawyers of having accepted huge amounts of money from the Haris Steel owner to secure favourable orders from the Dogar court. Knowing Babar Awans style of sewing political pleat with legal thread and vice versa, he is going to use ZABs reference as reason to blame superior judiciary if he is indicted in this case. His next step would be to let emotionally charged Faisal Raza Abidi and Fauzia Wahab loose on TV talk-shows to thrash judiciary by showing fists, bashing tables and throwing papers all around to impress the viewing public and win their feelings. His strategy might work on die-hard PPP Jialas but rest of the society knows the present leadership of PPP strive on corruption. The free electronic media has made that absolutely clear. They also know that the revived superior judiciary, so far, has proved itself to be fair, independent and incorruptible. Let Babar Awan play his game; the society is waking up to reality. DR. GHAYUR AYUB, London, April 24.