OUR STAFF REPORTER ISLAMABAD - Islamabad Chamber of Commerce and Industry Monday showed serious concerns over the long-hour power outage as it has created serious problems for the industries that are running for below the required level. President Islamabad Chamber of Commerce & Industry Mahfooz Elahi talking to a group of industrialists has said that government has not taken serious measures to overcome the growing electricity shortfall, resulting in a slow down of economic activity throughout Pakistan. Mismanagement, non-utilisation of available resources have put the business community and general public in huge problem because of unscheduled load management plans. The situation is getting worse, as a result of poor planning and false promises with the nation, said Elahi. He was concerned over a deteriorating electricity situation and strongly emphasised to the government to give immediate attention to run the existing units removing faults and providing gas. Mahfooz said that Iran-Pakistan gas pipeline project must be completed on war footing to ensure supply of gas to power producing units. He said on the Iran side about 1000 km of line has been laid, whereas, work on about 200 km line is left. On Pakistan side, work on this project must be expedited for early connectivity of gas line with Iran. Mahfooz was of the view that in case of further shortage of electricity which at present has almost reached to 5000MW, would create serious problems in terms of closure of industries are declining exports and unemployment. President ICCI said that many businesses are dependent on electricity but unfortunately long hours loadshedding have negatively impacted their businesses and even it has become difficult for them to survive in high inflationary environment.