OUR STAFF REPORTER LAHORE Parliamentary Secretary for Human Rights (HR) and Incharge Federal Minister for HR Robeena Saadat Qaimkhani has said that the ministry will pay the fines of the prisoners who are in jails in minor offenses and could not pay their fines. While addressing a Press conference after her first visit to the Regional Directorate of Ministry on Monday, she said we wanted to rehabilitate and help the prisoners who could be good citizens. She said they the Human Rights Ministry in collaboration with Interior Ministry were working to establish a task force for rehabilitation of bagger children. She further said there was no law in the country which could address the issues facing by of the children especially for juveniles. The secretary said she had a meeting with representatives of different NGOs. Responding to a query on Mukhtaran Mai case, she said the verdict of the Supreme Court was unexpected which had disappointed the human rights activist. I dont know what has been happened that only one accused has been awarded sentence while others have been released, she added.