LAHORE/ISLAMABAD - The possibilities of formation of a national government are growing stronger as the PML-Q, after going through resistance from party ranks on saying 'yes to PPPs offer of joining the government, considering efforts for the national setup as part of their fresh political strategy. Insiders in PML-Q disclosed on Monday that senior party leaders expected to hold an informal meeting with MQMs leadership in federal capital today (Tuesday) to mull the idea of a national government while they would also reach out to JUI-F leadership at the same time. They revealed that several parliamentarians and leaders of the party advised the PML-Q top leadership that it might not be in the political interest of the party to carry the 'baggage of the ruling coalition in the next general elections while taking all major political forces on-board in the form of national government might not hamper the party image. These leaders maintained that PML-Q comprised members of 'winning candidates and that they could not afford the 'bad debt of the PPP-led government while jumping into the PPP offer would be a politically 'suicidal for the party in the next general elections, added the insiders. When contacted, a senior PML-Q leader seeking anonymity confirmed the possibility of national setup, saying: In the current circumstances, the best option for the party would be playing its proactive role for the formation of a national government, as party chief Chaudhry Shujaat Hussain sometime back proposed that the ruling coalition should set up national government, pointing out that parties in the ruling coalition could not meet the current challenges and taking all the political forces on-board would be the only option to deal with the serious issues of economy and foreign policy. Things between PML-Q and PPP are still not finalised. We have good relations with MQM and we wish both Muttahida and JUI-F to rejoin the federal cabinet with us, another PML-Q source said. He said that his party leadership was also in contact with chief of JUI-F and a meeting between the heads of two parties was also expected in near future and the PML-Q would take its final decision after these meetings. On the other hand, the MQM is most likely to rejoin the federal cabinet before tabling of the next budget. However, the sources close to Maulana Fazl confided that JUI-F would not join the federal cabinet at any cost.