Again US drone struck Miran Shah in North Waziristan Killing 25 people including women and children. In another incident militants from Afghan Kunar province crossed in to Pakistan, attacked Jandool check post in district Lower Dir and killed 19 personnel. America has imposed full fledged war upon us. If its not the NATO strike, its impossible to say USA is not behind the attack. The US operatives often carry out such operations inside Pakistan. Despite opposition of Military, drone strikes are continuing in North Waziristan. Reports say Pakistan had shot down US drone in 2004 but now the political leadership has directed army to show restraint. US Joint Chiefs of Staff Committee Chairman Admiral Mike Mullen in his visit to Pakistan came to mend ties with Pakistan. Instead, he put up charges against ISI of maintaining close ties to militants fighting in Afghanistan against America. Admiral Mullen became mouth piece of India and pointed finger towards Laskar-e-Tayyaba. Later US Chief of General Staff Martin Tumacy, following US stick and carrot policy, visited Pakistan to give some bright offers to government. At the same time US State department officials in meetings with Foreign Secretary, Salman Bashir has conveyed Pakistan to meet US goals to get aid. US officials visiting Pakistan aimed at pursuing long term relationship with Pakistan and restoration of high level contacts between Islamabad and Pentagon. But for what cost? We must follow a tit for tat strategy against America or continue to face US strikes. Pakistan has contained US operatives in Pakistan and standoff between the two countries, after the arrest of Raymond Davis, is strained. Pakistan would take a final decision on when and how to launch a military operation in North Waziristan. USA did not provide modern technology and helicopters to Pakistan in the war against terrorism due to Indian concerns. Pakistan has been demanding drone technology to target militants hideouts in tribal areas but to no avail. Now, succumbing to Pakistan pressure, America has agreed to provide with 85 non-lethal mini drones to mend fences with Pakistan. Pakistan has no direct confrontation with Taliban and Haqqani group fighting against America. Pakistan, the nuclear power, equipped with the best missile system, and above all, having the best army of the world should not remain hostage to US demands. We should not become silent spectator of massacring the people. USA, on the one pretext or the other, continues the demand to do more. While US defeat in Afghanistan is inevitable, it wants to shift its defeated war in to Pakistan. PEERZADAH ABDUL HAFEEZ, Multan, April 23.