ISLAMABAD – As many as 843 matric trained teachers (MTTs), who earlier were not upgraded to next grades as they did not meet service and qualification criteria, have been upgraded from grade 9 to 14.

The notification of the upgradation was issued on Tuesday last by the Federal Directorate of Education (FDE) while the good news for the teachers who served in the same grades for years and were near retirement was announced at a ceremony held at Islamabad Model College for Boys, G-9/4 Wednesday. FDE DG Atif Kayani was the chief guest on the event attended by a large number of schoolteachers.

Earlier, as many as 500 teachers were upgraded from grade 9 to 14 in May 2011 and the remaining teachers could not be promoted as the Establishment Division had set some preconditions making it difficult for them to get upgradation.

About 600 teachers were left as they did not meet the criteria of three years length of service despite having high qualifications and 200 teachers who could not improve their qualifications from Matric, CT in their 25 years of service could not be upgraded also.

To upgrade them as well a separate summary was moved to remove the conditions for one time.

The approval of the summary giving one time waiver by the Prime Minister Yousuf Raza Gilani made possible the upgradation of the teachers who could not improve their qualifications and were near retirement. The decision would benefit them after pension at least, said Federal Government Teachers’ Association (FGTA) President Azhar Mahmood Awan.

He said the teachers have been upgraded recognising their years of services without promotions and incentives and to upgrade the remaining teachers was necessary also as the post of grade 9 has been abolished and new recruitments would be made in future from grade 14 in schools according to the set criteria that is B.A/B.Sc with B.Ed.

He said with this, the upgradation process of schoolteachers has been completed and over 6000 teachers have been upgraded from grade 9 to 14, grade 14 to 16, and 16 to 17. He informed the upgradation of English teachers from grade 14 to 16 that was lingering on is also in progress and notification in this regard would be issued in a few days.

He announced the election of FGTA to be held in May and thanked the Prime Minister, Capital Administration and Development Division Secretary Imtiaz Inayat Elahi and FDE DG for making this possible.

Prime Minister Yousuf Raza Gilani had announced teachers’ package on November 8, 2010. But the implementation faced a significant delay forcing teachers to launch a massive protest.

The protests and boycotts accelerated the process and although the upgradation of few cadres still lingering on but majority of the teachers have been upgraded.