Iran's President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad has endorsed an Afghanistan-Iran prisoner transfer deal by which citizens of both nations, who are condemned under the other country's laws, will be allowed to finish the prison term in their native country. Afghan Deputy Minister of Justice Sayed Yusuf Halim said the agreement, endorsed by the Iranian President, will allow for a prisoner to be transferred only after the court has handed down its final sentence on a criminal, and with the consensus of both countries. He said the Ministry of Justice is yet to receive the documents outlining the deal officially, but when it does, it will discuss further with Iranian officials as to how to implement it. The terms of the deal allow for the "exporting" country - the country which has imprisoned the other country's citizen - to accept or reject a demand for a convicted person to serve their sentence in their native land. The transfer is done at the prisoner's own request, officials said. The Ministry of Justice said it does not have specific statistics about the number of Afghans imprisoned in Iran but estimated there were as many as 5000 such cases.