KARACHI - Jehangir Badr, secretary general of the ruling Pakistan People’s Party, asserted on Wednesday that the removal of bogus votes from the electoral rolls in the Punjab would largely effect the results of the general elections. The senator told a news conference that “the National Database & Registration Authority has removed 0.1 million fake votes from each constituency of the Punjab”.In an indirect reference to the Nawaz Sharif-led PML-N, the PPP leader said a specific group had won a number of seats in the Punjab with the help of fake votes. “The PPP-led government would hold free and fair general elections, no matter what the results would be,” Badr averred as he called the progressing year as the year of preparations for the next polls.Ruling out the impression of any confrontation between the ruling PPP and judiciary, Badr claimed that his party respected the judiciary. To refurbish his claim, he added that Prime Minister Gilani and his Cabinet would appear before the apex court on Thursday for the hearing of the contempt charges against him. He also said that the establishment pitted an alliance of parties against the PPP in every election.Criticising the Sharif brothers, Badr said they failed to take the people of other provinces with them. He also said that Punjab Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif’s political activities were against the Centre.Referring to the conspiracies against his party-led government, the PPP stalwart said the government had been fighting against invisible enemies who, according to him, were looking to derail the democratic system.“We want to take all – the political parties, civil society, trade unions and legal fraternity – together to meet the challenges confronting the country,” he asserted while adding that unity of all the segments of society was essential to cope with the challenges.About the brewing violence in the port city, Badr, while condemning the incidents of targeted killing, said that foreigners had a hand in it.The PPP leader, to a media query, decidedly said that Shah Mehmood Qureshi’s separation did not affect the PPP.