KARACHI – The Sindh government on Wednesday enumerated conditions for the renting of any plot, house, bungalow, apartment or a flat to any customer by real estate agents or property dealers across the province.According to a formal order issued by the Home Department, police have been mandated to carry out the verification in this respect. In the case of any lapse, SHO concerned will be held responsible.The conditions are as: verification of credentials/CINC of tenants of property/accommodation through the NADRA and registration at local police station and union council are mandatory for owner and property dealer; tenant antecedents check is mandatory with specific focus on the address history, employment history and criminal record (if any). Tenant of a property, agent/broker/sponsor and property owner shall be solely held responsible for any hiring without the said verification; preference shall be given to families for the purpose of hiring, and discouraging single/unmarried individuals who may have accommodation issues; in the case of foreigners, it will be mandatory for the owners to attach a copy of passport of the individual to whom the place is being rented along with the letter of employment from firm/NGO/embassy etc; to infer purpose of foreigner’s stay; copy of national identity card of the sponsor/real estate agent shall also be required; at least two persons from the neighborhood shall vouch for the credibility of the tenants, for a period of one month; all property dealers shall be registered; and no property ie, residential flat/bungalow/open plot shall be rented to any foreign national or a person not holding CNIC issued by the NADRA without NOC/clearance certificate from the government of Sindh, Home Department, Karachi.The order added that police officers up to the rank of assistant sub-inspector of concerned police station have been authorised to register complaints under Section-188 of the PPC for the violation of Section-144 of the CrPC against the violators of the order.