KARACHI - The Pakistan Air Force Wednesday forced a Russian-made military cargo plane belonging to a foreign military to land at Karachi Airport after it violated Pakistani airspace, reported a private TV channel.

The channel, however, did not mention the name of the country to which the plane belonged.

The cargo plane took off from the Bagram airbase in Afghanistan and was supposed to fly to the Al Maktoum international airport in the UAE. Sources said such kind of cargo planes are used to carry NATO supplies to Afghanistan. The plane was checked and the crew interrogated. According to Xinhua, authorities received information that it was carrying military equipment without clearance from Pakistani authorities.

Pakistan’s parliament earlier this month approved guidelines for the future relationship with the US and NATO. It recommended that NATO should not be allowed to use Pakistani airspace and land routes for transporting arms to Afghanistan. It, however, allowed the transport of non-military items like food and medicines.

Pakistan closed the supply line for NATO forces in Afghanistan in November after 24 Pakistani soldiers were killed in an airstrike on a Pakistan Army border post.