The Commission probing the memo scandal on Thursday rejected Husain Haqqani’s petition to record his testimony through a video link. Another petition filed by Haqqani, Pakistan’s former ambassador to the United States, which aimed to take away Mansoor Ijaz’s right to record his statements through video link, was also rejected by the commission. The commission’s meeting was held in Islamabad and was chaired by Justice Qazi Faiz Esa. Haqqani’s attorney, Zahid Bukhari, also presented the details of Haqqani’s assets before the commission. The attorney told the commission that Haqqani’s account balance in Pakistan was 150,000 rupees. Bukhari informed the commission that his client’s health was not well and the doctors had advised him not to travel. Moreover, he said that Haqqani was getting death threats and that his life was in danger in Pakistan. The commission subsequently adjourned the proceedings until May 3. The commission is expected to meet on a daily basis from May 3.