LAHORE - The semi-final line-up in the 49, 52, 56, 60 and 64 kgs weight categories were decided on day three of the 34th National Boxing Championship here at the Punjab College Hall.

Mohib Barha (Police), M Nauman (Army), Naqibllah (Wapda), M Wasim (Wapda), Nematullah (PAF), Khawar (Wapda), Nawaz Dad (Army), Faisal Khan (Army) win their matches.

Army and Wapda are going neck-and-neck in the championship. It was Wapda which came from behind to come on level terms with Army which was dominating event  in the first two days. Navy is another team which carries a unique skill to surprise with some of its boxers too making the semi-final round.

On the third day, in 49kgs, Mohib Barha Police beat Obaid PAF on points 16-12; Sheroz Navy beat Azam Punjab 21-10; M Nauman Army beat Abdul Jabbar Balochistan 34-7 and Naqeebullah Wapda beat Shoaib Murad Rangers 20-13.

In 52kgs, Attaullah (Police) beat Imam (Fata) retired first round; Abdul Waheed (PAF) beat Jamal (Army) 20-6; M Waseem (Wapda) beat M Asif (Railways) 33-7 and Hallar (HEC) beat Shoaib (Sindh) 18-5.

In 56kgs, S Israr (Sindh) beat Khawar Mahmood (Rangers) 10-9; Samiullah (Navy) beat M Raza (Railways) 20-9; Nematullah (PAF) beat Sajjid Ali (Army) 21-11 and Khawar (Wapda) beat Asadullah (HEC) 13-6.

In 60kg, Kadir Khan (Wapda) beat Faheem (PAF) 13-6; M Haroon (Police) beat Fareed Khan (KP) 17-11; Amar (Navy) beat Asamatullah (Railways) 30-14 and Nawaz Dad (Army) beat Mir Balaj (Sindh) 19-13.

In 64kgs, Sadullah (Balochistan) beat Farhan (Sindh); Faisal Khan (Army) beat Jibran (Rangers) RSC OC 2nd rd; Adnan (PAF) beat Sahib Khan (Wapda) 20-14 and M Ali (Navy) beat A Pukar (Police) 9-5.