ISLAMABAD - Pakistan Electronic Media Regulatory Authority (PEMRA) has served show-cause notices to 17 TV channels for airing unedited live footages of blood, gore and mutilated bodies amid a private plane crash.

The Authority has also issued notices to other 24 entertainment TV channels on account of airing indecent, vulgar and unethical programmes, advertisements, shows, excessive foreign content and intruding to personal and family life of people, says a Press statement issued by the authority.

In warning issued to TV channels, the coverage was termed extremely un-ethical and irresponsible. There is no harm in taking edge over other channels in dissemination of timely and accurate news but the quest must not be to take lead in indecency or irregularity, it added.

It is high time that the channels must realise their responsibility and define the Dos and Don’ts. The channels have also been summoned to show-cause under Section 20 (c) & (f) of PEMRA Ordinance and Rule 15 (1) of PEMRA Rules. Despite the adequate code is well in place and channels claim to follow it voluntarily but spade-a-spade coverage of mutilated bodies of victims was horrific and insane.

PEMRA has resolved to take punitive action under the laws if such violations are not stopped henceforth.