Federal Minister for Information and Broadcasting, Qamar Zaman Kaira Thursday said several powers are working to wrap up the political system and now they are trying to use judiciary as their support.

Talking to media after the Supreme Court’s verdict in the Prime Minister contempt of court case, Kaira said PM was not convicted over any serious crime but was sentenced in a political case for complying the Constitution.

“We will go to people’s court when the time comes not on the desires and demands of Nawaz Sharif. PPP is facing a media trial as well as judiciary trial”, Kaira said.

The Information Minister told consultation process regarding the SC verdict is continuing  and future course of action would be devised after coming of detailed verdict.

He said the PPP worker is feeling that why only the leaders of PPP are sentenced and it is the right of workers to express their feelings freely.

Kaira stated the PPP is representative party of general masses and labors and it is standing with the people against the powerful entities, bureaucracy and various mafias.

“Nawaz Sharif must not forget the time when he was summoned by the Court and he devastated the judiciary, and now the democratic PM appeared three times whenever summoned by the Court”, Kaira criticized.

He stated they do politics with the support of Almighty Allah and after that with buttress of general masses.