LAKKI MARWAT - Police on Wednesday claimed to have arrested two prisoners who had escaped Bannu jail and were now trying to Karachi.

Acting on a tip-off that two prisoners Ummar Daraz and his son Noor Daraz will attempt to move to Karachi in guise of passengers, DPO Ummar Riaz put entire police force on high alert.

The police party, meanwhile, stopped a passenger bus bound for Karachi from Bannu near Serai Gambila. During the search, they arrested the marked prisoners.

He said that the arrested prisoners had escaped Bannu jail after militants swarmed it last week on the night of April 14.

“Ummar Daraz and his son Noor Daraz were under-trial prisoners and they were put in prison for kidnapping and the killing two minor children in Bannu last month,” he maintained, saying that both were later handed over to Bannu police.