RAWALPINDI - Punjab Emergency Service (PES) Rescue 1122 held a meeting on Wednesday to review the management of Bhoja Air crash disaster occurred at Hussainabad.

The meeting was attended by all the District Emergency Officers and a large number of rescuers, informed Rescue 1122 spokesperson. It has been observed that Rescue 1122, Rawalpindi was one the first organisations reached the disaster site and started rescue operation in professional manner.

Furthermore it was also pointed out during the meeting that the lack of professional working and understanding by other organisation was significant problem in the work of Emergency Service.

The top priority during the management of such disaster was to Rescue and save live victims if any and shifted them safely to hospitals after provision of emergency medical treatment.

After this the priority shifts to preservation of emergency site and professional management of dead bodies to facilitate the process of investigation and identification of dead bodies.

In this regard it has been often observed that presence of non professional and large crowd hampered the Emergencies Services.

, therefore Rescue 1122 management requested instead of criticizing Rescue 1122, Rescuers might be allowed to do their work in professional manner since Rescue Service always comes to management of emergencies and saving lives so it was not an issue of head on collision between Punjab and Federal government.