ISLAMABAD -  Following the hike in petroleum and CNG prices, public transporters have started looting commuters by charging Rs 15 from one stop to next stop without getting any permission from the authorities concerned. According to sources, CNG transporters are charging Rs 20 for eight km while the commuters are forced to pay high fares as the traffic police failed to take action against the transporters.

Meanwhile, the transporters are not completing their routes in the twin cites, including Raja Bazzar to Islamabad, Peshawar Morh to Saidpur and Faizabad to Chak Shahzad. However, the commuters lodged several complaints against manhandling but the traffic police yet to impose fine on the involved transporters.

Citizens and commuters appealed to the transport authorities to look into the matter and issue fare list for per kilometre to the transporters. The drivers should also be made bound to display fare list in their vehicles and if they don’t complyto it, they should be fined, commuters demanded.