JEDDAH- The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has successfully countered terrorism in the country and the region over the past 20 years, said Deputy Crown Prince Muqrin , deputy premier and adviser to the king, in an interview.
“Saudi Arabia has succeeded in countering terrorism which targeted our country over the past two decades, thanks to the directives of the wise leadership and the efforts of Interior Minister Prince Muhammad bin Naif,” Prince Muqrin said in the wide-ranging interview.
The Kingdom’s security forces would counter any attempt made to undermine the country’s stability, development and prosperity, he said.
The government has also tightened controls on the Kingdom’s borders and at all its ports to prevent smuggling and drug trafficking, the prince said.
Regarding the proposed Union of Gulf States, Prince Muqrin said Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques King Abdullah has called on the GCC to set up this body to tackle the challenges facing Arab and Muslim countries in the region. “Establishing a union of Gulf states is important for security and economic reasons. It would also be an important element of the region’s stability,” Prince Muqrin said.
He said the Saudi economy, is the strongest in the region because of the leadership’s “prudent management” and “proper planning.” He said the government was working on a long-term economic strategy that would secure the future of the country’s people.
Prince Muqrin praised King Abdullah for his measures to ensure Saudi women play a role in the country’s economy and political arena, including their appointment to the Shoura Council.