ISLAMABAD - Telenor is planning a rapid rollout across Pakistan as soon as necessary clearances are issued. Telenor’s 800-sites network in Pakistan has been ready for next-generation technologies since 2013, when the company conducted a comprehensive modernisation of its network infrastructure, said Tore Johnsen, Senior Vice President, Telenor Group region Asia and Chairman Telenor Pakistan.
Telenor Pakistan becomes the fourth of Telenor Group’s six Asian operations with 3G network infrastructure. Telenor will add millions of Pakistani subscribers to the Group’s growing base of more than 100 million subscribers in its 3G-powered Asian markets, said Tore Johnsen, in a press statement issued on Friday. Earlier Telenor held a press briefing in which Vice President Corporate Affairs Telenor Aslam Hayat also said,
“Telenor will take no time to launch 3G services in the country as soon as the licencing process is completed by PTA , moreover it will take less time in spreading the technology across the country than the government’s given time frame”. “Internet for All” is the slogan chosen by Telenor and it will try its level best to keep the services affordable as much as possible for its subscribers. In that regard Telenor will design different packages addressing the needs of different segments of society.
The packages will include 3G and 2G services both. At the occasion, it was also told that all the telecom operators met with Prime Minister on the same day earlier. In their meeting with PM they raised the subject of taxes imposed on the telecom industry. Representative of Telenor told the reporters that in the meeting PM has assured the operators that he will talk to the provinces and Nawaz Sharif also has principally agreed on the point that there should not double taxation for any sector.
While answering to a question regarding the creation of new jobs in the economy in connection with the new technology of 3G services , Chief Marketing Officer/VP Telenor Irfan Wahab said, “We cannot give a number but the whole echo system will develop with the spread of new technology and new avenues will open such as E-learning and Health services etc.
That will definitely create new job opportunities in the market”.