VEHARI-Vehari police claimed to have arrested 1,495 suspected outlaws and 864 judicial fugitives during the current year so far.

Police spokesman Rao Mobin said that district police had traced 25 decoit gangs and arrested 82 decoits involved in 108 cases. It recovered 1 truck, 1 rickshaw, 29 motorbikes and 58 cars from the criminals, he added. During this period, 1,277 cases had been registered and 349 criminals arrested. Police recovered 334 illegal weapons from the criminals and recovered stolen materials costly Rs42,960,815.

The superintendent of District Jail Vehari said that Munir Hussain of 15/WB was involved in the murder of two persons Wajid and Naheed in a property dispute. The incident took place on 08 November, 2000. Now, District and Sessions Judge of Jehlum has issued black warrant for the murderer. He will be hanged on 28th in the District Jail Vehari.

The district and sessions judge Lodhran issued death warrant of Ghulam Hussain. He had murdered an 8-year-old girl after rape on June 20, 1991. He will be hanged on 29th.