LAHORE - The visit of Chinese president along with several dignitaries and investment of $46 billion under Pak-China Economic Corridor will positively impact the regional economic development.

These words were expressed by Pakistan Railways Employees (PREM) Union senior vice president Sh M Anwar while talking to APP on Wednesday. He said that it was a great achievement of the nation that a time-tested friend China was going to make investment in the country at a time when other countries were reluctant to do so. He said the major issue of the country was energy and China was going to invest billions of dollars in this sector after which the energy crisis could be overcome. He said a big amount would be invested on roads and rail infrastructure.

He said the dualisation of track and linkage of Gwadar with Khunjrab Pass with rail network would bring prosperity and employment opportunities in the country. Welcoming the visit of Chinese Vice Minister for Transport Lu DongFu along with his team to the PR headquarters and his offer of investing $3.8 billion in several sectors of the department, the Prem leader said it would not only improve the department but also positively effect the lives of the PR workers.

He also appreciated PR minister Khawaja Saad Rafique for his devotion for the revival of Railways and said the PR management and workers were working hard for the revival of Pakistan Railways.

He assured the PR workers would work with more dedication after several projects with the cooperation of China will be launched.