Recently our very own author Kamila Shamsi has been short listed for The Bailey’s Women Prize for Fiction. Kamila Shamsi is from Karachi and she completed her Bachelors in Creative Writing from Hamilton College and an MFA from the MFA Program for Poets and Writers at the ‘University of Massachusetts Amherst.’ As a nation we have suffered from many disastrous events this past year and now at the advent of 2015, we can finally surpass our sorrows and acknowledge this achievement for a native. The book short listed for this prize was “A God in Every Stone.” Shamsi spent her time in London; however she wrote several books about her country such as “Salt and Saffron”, “Kartography”, “Broken Verses” and “Burnt Shadows”. Shamsi studied in Karachi Grammar School and continued to teach Physics over there. The Bailey’s Women Prize is a notable literary award and the winner gets a check for 30,000 pounds. We wish the best of luck to our very own Kamila Shamsi to triumph!


Karachi, April 15.