Eva Longoria might be most famous for playing a Desperate Housewife, but in real life she’s something of a domestic goddess.

The 40-year-old actress is perhaps most famous for her role as Gabrielle Solis in Desperate Housewives. But the stunning Latina star has revealed that in real life, she’s something of a whizz around her dwelling.

Eva opened up about her house habits as she spoke to fans on Twitter to promote her new homeware line for JC Penney. Asked by one fan what inspired her to team up with the department store, Eva replied: “Love the Line! Im super domestic! (sic).”

Eva is the youngest of four daughters. And she credits her family, especially her sister Liza, who is developmentally disabled, for being her biggest inspiration in life. One questioner asked Eva who her idol when she was a child, to which Eva answered: “My mom and sisters!”

Later in the conversation, another fan asked her who inspired her the most with her homeware line.

 “My sister Liza!” Eva touchingly replied. Keeping with the theme, Eva was asked where her favourite place in the world is.

“Anywhere my family is!” she answered. Eva has resolutely supported her sister Liza over the years, and even set up a foundation, Eva’s Heroes, dedicated to helping people with intellectual special needs. "It's given me a different perspective on life. She's my older sister, so I was born and brought up in her world and that taught me the importance of being kind and compassionate and also the importance of understanding kids with special needs and their families."