LAHORE - Imam-e-Kaaba Shaikh Khalid al Ghamidi has said the Saudi people hold great love for Pakistanis and take pride in brotherly ties with them.

The Imam-e-Kaaba, who is on a week-long visit to the country, led thousands of people during Maghrib prayers in Badshahi Mosque Lahore on Saturday. Ghamidi prayed for the solidarity of Muslim world and for the peace and stability of Pakistan.

Earlier on Saturday noon, the Imam-e-Kaaba was warmly welcomed at Jamia-i-Ashrafia where he led Zuhr prayers. Addressing Tehaffuz-e-Harmain-Sharifain Conference organised by the Jamia administration, Sheikh Khalid al Ghamidi said that the unity among Muslims is the dire need of the hour. “All of us are brothers and there is no distinction between Arabi and Ajami (word in Arabic for non-Arab people) in Islam,” he narrated the last sermon of Holy Prophet (PBUH).

Highlighting the protection of Hurmain-Shrifain as a collective obligation of all Muslims, the imam prayed for unity among Ummah and for the protection of holy mosques from every evil designs.

Earlier in the morning, the imam led Fajr prayers at Jamat-e-Islami headquarters in Mansoora. Speaking after the prayers, Shaikh Ghamidi said the enemies of Islam are spreading hatred among Muslims which should be dealt by keeping unity among the ranks.

“The enemy cannot succeed as long as we are united,” he stressed.

On Yemen issue, Imam-e-Kaaba said the Arabs and Muslims from other countries made joint efforts to resolve the issue on the request of the “Yemeni legitimate government”. He overruled the existence of sectarian element in the dispute and said the only major concern about Yemen is to see stability and peace there.

The Imam-e-Kaaba, on the occasion, thanked the people of Pakistan for according him very warm welcome and said he was much pleased on his visit to this country during which he will also meet scholars of different schools of thought.

Talking about the blasphemous cartoons published by the Western media, Imam-e-Kaaba said a majority in the West has already rejected such an extreme step. He also disapproved the violent reprisal to the said act of Western media terming it not proper and laid stress on telling the West what really Islam is.

“A proper reply from the Muslims should come according to the need of the hour,” he urged.

He also conveyed to Kashmiris who are suffering oppression at the hand of Indian forces that it is the right of every person to defend against the oppression. Showing solidarity with Kashmiris, Shaikh Ghamidi also prayed for the freedom of Kashmir.

Sheikh Khalid al-Ghamidi is scheduled to visit Markaz Ahle Hadith today (Sunday). He will lead Zuhr prayers at 106-Ravi Road and, later on, will participate in Ulema Convention at Faletti's Hotel.